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Selling Chocolate Bars As a Fund Raising Activity

When the club is unable to get the necessary funds from the school in order to go on a camping trip, the group has to learn to improvise. An effective way of doing this will be to sell something very appealing to people of all ages such as cookies or candy.

No one in the group may be able to make this. It is a good thing that candy manufacturers can make a deal by offering this at discounted prices as long as the members are able to order a huge quantity. Another way to get a good supply of candy will be by negotiating with some candy storeowners or even try to find a cheaper supplier online.

What kind of candy should the club sell? One of the most popular choices, which never goes out of style are chocolate bars. This is because no one can argue about the flavor and its rich taste.

When a supplier has been found, all the club has to do is work on the price; the quantity and mode of payment even if most prefer the customer to pay up front or pay half of the amount now and then give the rest when the goods have been delivered.

After the boxes have arrived, it is now up to the group to sell the merchandise. Some people can offer this outside the supermarket while others can offer this house to house. It will be a good idea if a signage is placed or a leaflet is given thus encouraging the customers to buy more and help support a good cause.

An effective way to help get rid of the inventory will also be coming up with the promo for those who offer to buy one bar. A good gimmick could be a buy one take one or buy a few and get one free.

The one in charge of the club will have to figure out proper pricing to be able to make a profit to recover from the said investment and have enough to continue on with the camping trip.

If the fundraiser was successful, the group can do the same thing in the months ahead or in the following year when organizing another activity. This can be used by the club to get new uniforms, equipment and other things that are needed which will avoid asking for money from mom or dad for future trips.

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