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Helping the Victims of Hurricane Katrina Through a Charity Fundraising

Every year, the government as well as private organizations come up with programs designed to help those who are unable to cope with the challenges of life alone.

An example is some of the survivors of Hurricane, which happened one year ago and have not yet been able to recover from the natural disaster.

If the individual feels sorry for the images seen on television, then perhaps it is time to do more than just have pity. The person with the help of some friends can organize a charity-raising event to be able to raise money for the victims.

What does it take to have a charity fund raising event? First of all, the person has to think of a plan. What kind of activity will be done that will attract a lot of people? Who will help organize it and even where this will take place?

It will take some time to figure out all the details but when this begins to take shape, then the individual is able to move another step forward turning that idea into a reality.

One of the things usually not mentioned when organizing the charity fund raising event is the documentation. Papers have to be filed so that this becomes non-tax deductible. As long as everything is in order, the amount accumulated can be given in full to the agency in charge of helping the victims.

This is the time that the core group is assigned certain tasks such as sending out letter to sponsors, creating ad campaigns, enlisting the support of celebrities and so forth. Everyone must be able to report back on the progress of the assignment so that additional manpower can be shifted to where it is needed.

Two or three days before the start of the charity fund raising event, everyone must be ready. There may still be some minor things to figure out but as long as the major hurdles have been overcome, the rest will simply fall into place.

When everyone has left and the proceeds from the charity fund-raising event has been collected, this is the only time that everyone can rest.

It will be a good idea to review how everything went. Surely, some mistakes were made but it is perfectly all right since improvements can be made. Helping those who no longer have the strength to continue is a life-giving experience. Those who want to do more can continue on planning the next event.

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