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Fundraising 24-7 Through An Online Magazine Store

An online magazine store is “21st century” way for groups, regardless of size, to have an ongoing fundraiser which can be either the primary fundraiser for the group or a supplemental one.

Online magazine fundraising has numerous advantages over more traditional product fundraisers such as selling cookies, popcorn, candy, candles etc. These advantages are:
(a) there is no inventory to handle;
(b) no door-to-door selling;
(c) no minimum purchases;
(d) no returns;
(e) no need to handle collections.

Let’s discuss these advantages:
(a) since the magazines that are ordered are delivered by the publisher, your group never has to touch any product;
(b) You contact members, family, friends and supporters via your normal communication methods such as newsletters, e-mail, meetings;
(c) When your online magazine store is provided for free, there is no obligation as to minimum orders
(d) unlike products which you must receive and then distribute, with the possibility of returns, there are no returns in magazine sales; and
(e) the sale is between the subscriber and the company powering your online magazine store and thus the company powering your online magazine store collects payment and remits a portion to the publisher and a portion to your group.

Since your online magazine store runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it is always available for subscriptions. And, what you are selling is something the public does routinely, order new magazines and renew their existing subscriptions. Plus, magazines are fat-free and contain no calories. Magazine subscription sales, when done on the Internet, are the perfect fundraising vehicle, where your group has 5 members or 5,000.

Jeffrey Bleaman of provides free online magazine stores for non-profit organizations. Jeffrey is co-founded DomainNameSanity-Fundraizine in 2000. DomainNameSanity-Fundraizine meets all BBBOnLine Reliability participation and Better Business Bureau membership standards and is authorized to display the BBBOnLine Reliability seal. If you are a non-profit group or association, for more information on obtaining a free online magazine store, visit