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A Couple Easy Fund Raising Tips To Make More Money

You may never find the perfect fund raising tip, but you can do some simple things to make most fund raising events more successful. Millions of dollars are raised every year through fund raisers and you would think that every idea has been used for raising money, but new ideas come out all the time. This article will look at a fund raising tip or two that you may benefit from in the future.

Back End Sales

Many fund raising events for churches and other non profit organizations involve the sales of products for a fund raising event. You could possibly maximize your earning potential by offering additional sales that would increase your over all profit. The following ideas may turn the everyday fundraising event into a year round event.

Cookies for a Year

The old traditional bake sale is common for many people when putting on a fund raiser. You may be able to offer cookies for a year and raise substantially more money. You could offer one dozen cookies baked every month for so much per dozen paid in advance. You could also have people sign up for a dozen cookies to be picked up every month at church and then have people pick certain ones they from each month.

Yard Work

One good fund raising tip is to offer yard work for a 3 month period to raise more money for your favorite group or charity. Different groups could assist in doing the chores and you will make much more by extending the contract.

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