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Can Al Gore Be the Next President?

Some time before, everybody was talking if Al Gore would get into the race for President. As Fred Thompson made his decision for his candidacy, it was Gore who was anticipated after him very soon.

Earlier Gore had not given a thought about it. Once, The Associated Press released a quote from Gore saying "it doesn't feel right at this point (to run)." Note that how he denied that he would not enter into the race. But he was surely planning to sweep into it.

It was hard to imagine that Gore would become so popular. He has been confirmed correct about global warming issue. His sequel to his best selling book, 'An Inconvenient Truth', is being published in April next year. It will put more light on what he is.

His work for the global warming has done a great job. We do not fear to swim in the food which is likely to happen by 2100 in San Francisco. We do not fear many other dangerous aspects of global warming as well. US citizens have started feeling safe as Gore has given them the gift of a health care system.

His work to stop the deaths due o firearm is great. It will prevent many deaths in future. So, time is slipping out and we may find Gore as the best choice for the President of America. Democrats need Gore as well. Hillary Clinton has blocked her ways by supporting the Iraq issue.

Gore’s actions have spoken louder than any other candidates shouting for votes in their campaigns. May be US is looking for someone like him who believes in at least doing some work besides making claims.