Things That Should be Considered When Organizing a Fundraising Activity

Before any one begins organizing a fundraising activity there are a number of things that they should consider.

1. In what way will the activity be carried? So what type of activity are you looking to do and what equipment if any will you need for it?

2. What help will you need in order to get this organized and set up?

3. How are you going to advertise the fundraising activity that you are organizing? In fact you could look at using the internet as this is a very good PR and communications tool and is not only a great but also an inexpensive way of reaching people. But you need to be careful as there is a risk you may come into conflict with some State Laws with regard to solicitation.

But even though you may think organizing a fundraising activity may not seem all that risky there are some other things that you will need to find out about especially if you are looking to organizing a fundraising activity online.

1. It is vital that you look at what special laws have been set up in the state where you live with regard to fundraising activities. You may find that it needs special registration. Also even if you are in one state in America and it is viewed by someone in another state it is considered as if you have actually carried out the fund raising in that state and so you will need to obtain special legal registration for you fundraising activity in that state as well. There are some States which view internet fundraising activities as a violation of their solicitation laws and will therefore enforce penalties on to any unregistered charitable organizations. Unfortunately fines that an organization incurs because of this can be as much as $70,000. However, there are some exceptions to this rule and hits includes religious organizations, colleges, universities and any organization which raises less than $5,000 each year.

But the registration of such a fundraising activity can not only be time consuming for the organizers but it can be costly as well. However 38 out of the 40 states have now simplified the form of registration and in some cases you may decide that you do not want to collect donations from a particular State in order for you to avoid legal prosecution.

So if you do decide to organize a fundraising activity online it is important that you learn about all the laws of the States in order to avoid any chance of prosecution relating to solicitation.

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