The Way Towards School Fundraising Success

One of the most common activities in school is fundraising. Organizations are constantly in need of cash that will help them fund their various projects. This is especially true with newly-created organizations that do not have yet the support of the school administration.

Getting students to give you their hard-earned money can be really tricky especially in these trying times. Fundraising is not as easy as it seems even if you are dealing with students who would surely support the projects of the organizations they are affiliated with. It takes a lot of business savvy, charm, a lot of convincing skills and some great tips from those who have already done a lot of money-raising.

Below are some of the things that can help you reach the heights of fundraising success.

Focus on the Project and not the product in selling

Although you need to have a really great product in order to be able to raise a lot of funds, not all products will click among students. This is especially true during school fairs where various organizations in the school compete with the same student customers.

When this happens, highlight your project, especially if it is for a good cause or for a project that will be very advantageous to the students. For instance, if the project is to raise funds for a new school auditorium or a facelift of the school cafeteria, try to mention this in your booth instead of advertising the cookies that you are selling. A lot of students will buy from your booth not because your cookies are so good but because they want a new auditorium in time for the prom!

Find the perfect product or service

Of course, your product will still play a major factor in the success of your fundraising campaign. Product and project goes hand in hand. A good product can generate a lot of sales for the campaign. In finding the perfect product, consider what the other organizations are selling. Try to aim for something that is not being offered yet by other school organizations. Unique products that fit the needs of the students will definitely click.

Also, take a look at what your market needs. For example, with students, fashion items, sports equipments and school necessities will really click. Food items are also one staple that will always be a good sell.

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