The Dollar Can Go a Long Ways for One Church Fund Raising Idea

A very simple church fund raising idea is to lean on the all mighty dollar. Yes, the dollar offering is one church fund raiser that has had huge success over the past several years. Our church has been using a dollar offering for raising funds for years.

The idea is that everyone has a few spare dollars sitting in their purse or wallet. If you take up a dollar offering in your church you may find that several people will throw in a $10 or $20 every so often.

One reason why a dollar offering is such a popular church fund raising idea is because it is so simple to do and requires no real preparation. You could raise several hundred dollars in a matter of a couple weeks by taking up a dollar offering. All other church fund raising ideas will take planning and committees and all else to pull off.

If you do not have many members in your church then you may consider holding a dollar offering for several weeks to raise enough money for your project. If every knows that they will only be required to donate for a few weeks it could still be very profitable and again there are basically no over head involved.

Your pastor may not like the idea of a church fund raising idea that takes an offering, but most will emphasis that this is not a tithe, but rather it is a separate giving opportunity for the Lord. It can be a good lesson in begin disciplined to give in the right areas.

This is only one good church fund raising idea, but it just might be the fastest way to raise a few dollars when you have little or no time to spend in planning and training others for a fund raiser.

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