Sticking With the Big Three Church Fund Raising Events

Churches are always in need of funds for youth events, seniors and other groups with the church body. You often see bake sales, car washes, and garage sales associate with churches and these are great ideas, but you could add more to them for better success. This article will look at these fund raisers and how you can make them more successful.

The car wash is one of the oldest standards in the book when it comes to fund raising events. Churches, schools, boy scouts and many other non profit groups have relied on this old tradition for years. It always seems to work time and time again. So, why not make it a little different?

You could still have a car wash of sorts, but maybe instead of using the buckets, rags, and hoses like usual you could partner with a local car wash place and give them some publicity. They may be willing to exchange their facility for some good publicity and exposure to the community. You could run some ads telling the local community that you are taking over the car wash for the day and all washes are half off.

The bake sale is another winning church fund raising event that has been very successful. You could check with some local bakeries to see if they would be willing to bake some special treats for some good publicity. They will give you a discount and you sell the goods. One that has been very successful for many church fund raising projects is to partners with crispy cream donuts.

The next church fund raising event that can bring in some very nice profits is to hold a garage sale. However, instead of holding the traditional garage sale you could possibly find a local auctioneer who would be willing to call the auction. They may charge a small fee, but the success might be well worth the effort.

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