Simple Fundraising Ideas That Make Money

Simple fundraising ideas should also be cost-effective ideas so you can maximize the profits for your organization.

Why Fundraise?

There's only a limited amount of money and everybody's trying to get their hands on it. Corporations want it to increase profits. Employees want it to increase personal wealth. Government wants it to provide services and non-profits and sports teams need it to stay above water.

Fundraising is a very effective way to get money for non-profit organizations and school sports teams. If you have good contacts, you can cold call people and just ask them for money. But, if you're like most of us, you're going to have to work for your money.

Simple Fundraising Ideas

What's the one reason people put together fundraisers? To raise money. The most effective way to raise money is to put together simple fundraising ideas. Simple, inexpensive ideas will be easy to carryout and will maximize your profits.

One of the most simple sports or kid oriented fundraising ideas out there is the bake sale. This is a very old fashioned, traditional way to raise money for your cause. All you need to do is ask the mom's on the team to bake something and then set up shop. You can sell your goods at the soccer field or near the basketball court. If it's not your school, make sure to ask before you set up shop.

Another simple fundraising idea for kids is a face-painting day. This simple fundraising idea is a good school wide fundraising activity. Choose a day where kids can get their faces painted in the morning, at lunch or after school. Get some artistic parents to donate their time to the cause and ask kids to make donation when they get their face painted.

Sell Products

Selling products is a simple fundraising idea that can pertain to sports clubs, kids, or non-profit organizations. Lots of companies have goods that they need to sell. For fundraisers, they'll let you keep a certain percentage of the profit based on the sales you bring in.

Try to find products that people will actually buy. For example, if you have a lot of motivated kids, get them to sell $1 candy bars. Obviously these candy bars are cheap. But if you sell a lot, you can get a lot of money. Also, the customer gets their reward right away. Other products, such as magazine subscriptions, take months to come in.

Because these products are so cheap and offer instant gratification to the customer, they're a good one to go with. See, fundraising ideas can be simple!

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