School Fundraising

School fundraisers are quite common. These events support activities that benefit students and teachers, such as the rebuilding of a facility, acquiring new equipment, or earning money for field trips. School fundraisings make the lives of both students and teachers easier because it takes the burden of expenses from their shoulders.

Recycling. Recyclable materials such as soda cans, newspapers, and old phonebooks (among many others) can be very profitable. Recycling is an easy and environmentally friendly way to raise funds. Teachers can ask students to collect recyclables and give an incentive to the individual or class that is able to collate the most number. Collect all the recyclables and sell them to recycling plants, then donate the recycling proceeds to the school.

Cook-offs and bake sales. Everybody loves food so if a group sells something that everyone likes, they are sure to have success. Students, parents, teachers, and all other members of the school community can either donate ingredients or cook/bake the goodies themselves. All the food can be sold and the profits can go straight to the fund. Depending on how the fundraiser is structured, organizers can even get preorders and deliver as the demand increases.

Talent showcases. Schools can also use the community members' talents to raise funds for school. Student artists can exhibit their work and sell tickets to the gallery. A school can also sponsor a theatrical production or a musical concert that requires guests to pay for tickets to watch the show. School athletes can also contribute greatly as they can show off their physical prowess by having friends and family pledge money for a particular game or match. For example, if someone will commit to donate a dollar for every three-point shot a basketball player makes on the basketball court, or pledge a dollar for every lap a distance makes on the oval track or a swimmer makes in the swimming pool.

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