School Fundraisers

School is not just about studies. It includes lots of other fun-filled and adventurous activities as well. But activities and events cost money and fundraising activities are essential to raise money for extra curricular events.

Teachers, students and parents join in to raise funds for schools. Hundreds of fundraising organizations are there to help too. Usually, success rates are very high when schools select the right fundraiser, carefully plan the event and have the right mix of students, teachers, parents and volunteers to make it profitable.

There are usually two types of fundraisers direct sale of products or orders are first placed and then the goods are delivered at a later date. Scratch cards, candy, chocolates, etc. are considered direct sales. Orders placed through catalogs by customers fall into the second category.

Products such as perfumed candles, chocolates, lollipops, candies, and cookie dough are usually a favorite among elementary school students. There are many companies on the Internet that promote these products online and offer great fundraising packages.

Older students in middle and high school, favor catalog sales, fundraising cookbooks, flowers, scratch cards, products for pets, etc. Because students are older, the basics of successful fundraising can begin with a business plan outlining goals and techniques to ensure a successful event. They can even go door-to-door in the neighborhoods where they live, selling items or asking for donations for a particular program or other school cause.

Above all, remember that fundraisers are fun and profitable if they are organized and planned ahead of time.

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