School Fundraiser Ideas

Schools, whether they be elementary, middle, or high, have three things in common; studies, fun, and fundraising. Most all schools rely on fundraising to bring in extra income to support activities like trips, special projects and sports.

When having a school fundraiser, there are three points to keep in mind. How much effort will it take to run the event? In schools student schedules are tight – the less work involved, the better. What will you need to carry out the fundraiser? Resources should be readily available and minimal. How long will the fundraiser be? Usually, the shorter the duration is, the better.

There are literally hundreds of fundraising ideas for schools. They can be as easy as selling candy and scratch off cards (donor scratches off and donates amount shown), or as complicated as running a special event like a gala or road race.

Scratch off cards allows an individual to scratch off an amount and donate that amount. In return, the donor receives coupons for products, and the school receives $100 after donors have scratched off the entire card. The scratch booklet can be personalized with school name and logo and contain information about the donating sponsors.

Other fundraising ideas include recycling programs; yard sales (other onsite or online); specialty items like Christmas trees, pumpkins, etc; brochure and catalog sales; bake sales, car washes; carnivals and book fairs.

There are many sites on the Internet that have great school fundraising ideas. Simply do a search for “school fundraisers.”

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