Planning a Successful Fund Raising Program

When considering a fund raising program there are certain elements that must be well thought out in order to be successful. Although millions of dollars are raised each year with many different fund raising programs there are still far too many that simply have no chance at being truly successful. This article will outline some common mistakes that you should avoid when planning a fund raising program.

Plan Before You Launch

The first mistake that many people make when putting together a fund raising program is to start recruiting several people, and then beginning the process of raising money before they have put together a complete fund raising plan. You should only compile a small committee and then put together a plan before doing anything more.

Give Your Fund Raising Program a Theme

The second mistake that people make with their fund raising program is to not make the fundraiser follow a theme that relates to the cause. The best fundraising programs will always have a solid theme that identifies with the reason you are raising money in the first place.

Place People in the Right Positions

The third reason that fund raising programs fail to achieve the best results is the lack of skill for each duty preformed. Before you place someone in charge of a certain area you need more than just a willing person to do the task. You should always evaluate each volunteer to see what areas are their best fits. Some people are great promoters others are better at helping, while others are best at labor and set up duties.

If you plan out you’re fund raising program, and develop a clear theme, then place people in the right positions you are going to increase your chances of having a successful fund raising program.

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