Pet Adoption Fundraising Ideas

If considering ways to help out not-for-profits in the community that do so much good for others consider being involved in fundraising. Agencies such as those who deal with the homeless, the elderly, helping at-risk youth, agencies that help disaster victims often run on a shoestring budget and are in need of financial support.

Also, agencies that help a segment of the community, but are often overlooked are shelters for animals. These shelters often provide food, medical assistance and immunizations for those animals who are lost or who have been abandoned.

If looking to financially help pet shelters there are a number of pet adoption fundraising ideas that can be implemented. The pet adoption fundraising ideas may not directly provide adoption for the pet, but will help the pet shelter to care for the animals until adoptive families arrive.

Adoption Fundraising Ideas

There are many creative adoption fundraising ideas that can be implemented. Some are proven and successful ideas such as a walk-a-thon.

A walk-a-thon is an opportunity for an adoptive pet or a family pet to walk with their owner. The idea behind this adoption fundraising idea is that neighbors, family, and friends pledge a certain amount of money for time or distance walked. Or, a sponsor can donate a set amount of money simply to support the walk-a-thon.

The event is very beneficial for not only does it raise money to assist the pet shelter in the work that they provide, but also brings attention to the plight of abandoned or lost pets. It can also be used as an event to highlight the importance of spaying or neutering pets.


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