Make Big Money With a School Fund Raising Concert Event

School fund raising is not for the weak of heart. Although schools are in a never ending battle to raise money for certain projects getting enough money can be quite a chore. Most people simply resort to having car washes and bake sales or garage sales, because they have no idea how else to raise money. This article will show you a few creative school fund raising ideas you might apply next time.

Drop the car wash bake sales and other types of activities that most cheerleaders and sports programs use for raising money. Although these have been good standby, fundraising activities and will probably always be good. You can do better.

One of the best things that any group can do is to get involved with their local community business owners. Businesses are always looking for ways to advertise and appreciate helping out students with drive and incentive.

Music Brings the Community Together

You need to think up ways to combine your community's local interest alongside of local business owners. Perhaps you could put together a musical program in your local park. You'd be surprised at how many aspiring art issue probably have in your community that would love to give a performance just to be heard and seen.

Once you've found several local musicians that want to perform in your school fund raising concert event. You can then begin to find local businesses that will support this effort. You would then run some advertising promoting each of these businesses that are supporting this community concert.

Summertime Is Best

This type of school fund raising event works much better in the summer months. So it may be something that you need to plan ahead. A project like this is not a simple project that happens overnight; however, it can bring in substantial revenue for your high school group.

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