High School Fund Raising In Todays World

In today’s times it seems high school budgets are getting thinner and thinner. No one has any money for the smaller programs and sports in high school. This lack of funding often leaves high school groups with the task of raising money with a high school fund raising project.

Having a car wash or rummage sale is still a good alternative for high school fund raising ideas, but you can spice them up a bit with a little creativity. With the berth of crispy cream donuts in the past few years this will add a nice extra bonus to any rummage sale. You could set up a booth at the rummage sales and make several extra dollars selling donuts.

If car washes and rummage sales are not your speed then there are other alternatives to work with. Magazine sales have been a popular choice in the past, but do not seem to have the flair they once did. Perhaps you could make a deal with the local news paper and sell advertising or make some other deals with local businesses that are willing to support your high school fund raising efforts.

The key when planning a high school fund raising event is to match the theme with the cause. If it is for rally then the event should have many things to do with cheering and activity. If the band is trying to raise money you will have more luck with music programs or concert type efforts.

All high school fund raising events can be more successful with good training and putting a smaller committee in charge to handle the details. If you get too many kids involved in the decision making process you can have a real mess on your hands.

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