Having Fun With Church Fund Raising

Have you ever needed to raise funds for some event or project. It can be allot of work, but depending on how well organized the event is, it can be a lot of fun too. Once you have reached your goal or the end of the event, it can be a very rewarding experience. Church fund raising can be very challenging, but most events bring in lots of dollars as most people are very generous if the event goes to a good cause. In many cases, you will find volunteers to help. The problem usually stems from someone wanting to take charge of the event as it requires a lot of time and effort on someone’s part. In this article you will learn some ideas for church fund raising and some tips on getting organized.

There are many church fund raising events that can be planned and it would all depend on what group you are raising the funds for that can determine the fund raising event. If you are raising money for the youth department there are many fund raisers that you can do. You could sponsor a car wash that would be a lot of fun for the kids, but you definitely need adults to help out and not only wash, but supervise too. You could hold a slave auction that basically rents the kids out to do some type of work at peoples homes. Many older people enjoy this as it gives them an opportunity to get things done around their homes that they can't do, and it also affords them time to spend with a young person. Church fund raising can bring many different age groups together at one time and this can be a good thing.

If you are planning a church fund raising event for older people, the events will be a little different than say something for the youth department. You might be looking more at a bake sale where grannies can show off their cooking skills and delicious family recipes. Everyone enjoys eating so this is usually a big hit. You might also find the older people organizing a bazaar or garage sale. This requires a lot of work as besides all the set up and work of the event, they will need to gather up the items that are to be sold or auctioned off. Church fund raising can bring many different types of personalities together and this can often be a challenge, but everyone can find a place to serve in some form or fashion. Church fund raising is an opportunity to get to know others.

If you are doing a church fund raising event for the children, you may look at a few different choices to make money. You may want to hold a raffle and the kids sell the tickets to what ever it is that you are raffling off. You can get items donated to place in the raffle and by letting the children sell the tickets, they have the opportunity to get involved and be a part of the raising of the money for whatever the important cause. This type of church fund raising not only allows the children to participate, but gives them a chance at being responsible too. You can give them some math lessons as they collect the money for the tickets and teach them the value of what they are doing. Church fund raising can be something that the whole family can be involved in.

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