Fundraising Ideas-4 Food Fundraising Ideas

Are you wracking your brains trying to come up with some fundraising ideas for your charitable organization? Here are four food-related fundraising ideas to whet your appetite:

  1. Sell candy bars. Who doesn't love to open the door to kids selling chocolate bars, even if they are over-priced? Most people have a weakness for chocolate and for the sweet-faced kids selling them, so this type of fundraiser works great for schools and sports teams.

  • Hold a food concession and sell hot dogs, soda pop, coffee, hot chocolate and other confectionary foods. This can be held at church social events, sporting events or even outside of a retail store. This does take some planning as well as preparation to organize volunteers and purchase food items.

  • Hold a bottle drive. This one not only benefits your organization but also the environment because it's amazing how many people still throw refundable bottles away. Have your volunteers go door to door to collect the bottles and then take them all to the bottle depot. You won't make thousands of dollars but depending on your organization's needs it can a nice small fundraising event.

  • Sell cookbooks. Usually this is where members' recipes are gathered and put into book form. The cookbooks are then sold by members either door to door or in small retail stores. These days, cookbooks are available online in e-book form to do away with the cost and annoyance of gathering the recipes and publishing the book. Customers just go online and download the e-book to their computers. This also saves on paper as they only need to print off the recipe pages they want.

  • These food fundraising ideas are just a few ways to make money for your organization. Do your research and you'll find lots of other great fundraising ideas.

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