Fund Raising Tip - The Big Three

Are you looking for the perfect fund raising tip? If so, you are not alone in your search as many people are trying to create the best fund raiser in town. One of the best fund raising tips is to follow what works, but make a change. Let’s look at how you can create a great fund raising project.

Fund Raising Tip 1 – Create a Theme

One of the best fund raising tip ideas is to think about matching your theme with the cause. Make sure that when you start to create a fund raising event that the cause is in alignment with the theme of your company or group. This will help to get more long term donors who will support others projects as you create them.

Fund Raising Tip 2 – Match the Volunteers

You should always make sure that your volunteers are matched well with their duties. You may find that some people are eager to help out, but they are often thrown into a job that really does not fit their personality or skill set. Make sure you assess where they fit best to get the most out of their volunteering.

Fund Raising Tip 3 – Keep Records

Many groups get too caught up in the actual fund raiser that they forget one of the most important parts and that is the record keeping. Make sure that you record every expense, every donor. You should keep name, address, and phone number for every person that donates funds or goods.

You can then use your records to follow up with thank you notes, and you can also contact them later when you have a new fund raising event. You would be amazed how well people will respond if you have already had a successful find raising event. You should be able to generate some good funds before the project even gets going.

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