Do You Need Fundraising Ideas?

Well, you need to know that it is MORE than just ideas.

On the surface, finding fundraising ideas is easy. Get together a group of co-workers or co-volunteers into a brainstorming session, and you will likely get a list of ideas ranging from jumble sales to door-to-door selling to a direct mail campaign. Type in "fundraising ideas" into any Internet search engine and you are likely to get thousands of search results, ranging from bake sale ideas to companies offering fundraising opportunities

There are a few things that separate a good fundraising idea from a bad one. You should take note of the following when considering each idea:

* Cost of getting going should be what you can afford to spend - Make sure that your total cost does not exceed your proceeds!

* Use of resources and talents - Do you have the people to do it?

* Manpower - Do you have enough or can get enough for it

* Theme-appropriation - Don't try Marathon fundraising for aged home organisation. It may not be suitable

* Appropriate for the size of your group - Make sure that you have enough (and committed) size to work on it. I recommend having some "extra" staff for just in case purposes.

* Usuage of expensive resources you do not have

* Appeal to donors

There are many other issues to consider but the above would serve as a basic guide when considering each idea.

Joseph Then written an ebook on Fund Raising and you can check out his website at: