Church Fund Raising

Church fund raising may be one of the most challenging types of fundraising events you will ever try to carry out successfully. You are often dealing with people who have little or no experience at raising money in any type of setting. Most churches typically turn to the standard church fund raising events, but this is no time to be like everyone else. This article will direct you to some fresh new church fund raising ideas.

Church Fund Raising Is Best In the Summer

The summer time brings out the best in many people. Most people love a sunny day much better than a gloomy wet day. This is also one of the most popular times for church fund raising events. Before you get out the wash buckets and plan to hold a car wash like everyone else will be doing -- hold on and try a new twist.

Why not rent out a car wash and then only wash motor homes, trailers, and trucks. You could charge up to three times the normal rate as you would for cars. You would simply advertise in advance that there will be a truck, RV, trailer wash at the determined car wash. The reason for renting out an actual car wash for the day is for the use of the high powered sprayers and other deluxe features that a hose and mitt simply will not provide.

Your church fund raising ideas could also include other projects that seem common, but have a nice new twist to them. You may want to have a pre bake sale. You may consider a pre bake sale instead of a bake sale. The traditional bake sale will have dozens of cookies, pies, brownies, and other goodies that go with a back sale. Why not have the ingredients and the recipe all put together and sell those instead. Everyone is having bake sales, but a pre bake sale may be the church fund raising event of the year and raise you several more dollars.

The final church fund raising idea would be to have a game sale. Everyone in your church will probably have a couple games that they never play anymore. You might also be wise to check and make sure that these are not classic games worth hundreds of dollars. You could sell many games and add a twist to a normal garage or yard sale that most church fund raising events will be like.

The key to successful church fund raising is to make it the same, but different. If you can apply this principle to all the old standard church fund raising events and then add a special twist to them you will have a winner.

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