Church Fund Raising Pit Falls - How to Have a Winning Fund Raiser

If you are planning a church fund raising event you will not be alone. Church fund raising is one of the most popular fund raising projects today. There are so many options to choose from, but there are some limitations as well that you must consider. This article will expose some of the pit falls you should be aware of when planning your next church fund raising event.

Break It Down

You might want to consider having more than one person involved in the overall planning of your nest church fund raising event. Far too often many church fund raising plans are instigated by only one person. Yes, they may have a committee, but still just one person is in charge of everything. You should break up your groups into smaller manageable groups instead of placing one director over the entire project. You may find that people take more ownership and it allows for more creativity.

Match The Church Fund Raising Event With The Season

The next key component to having a successful church find raising event would be to have a season related fund raising event. Traditionally most people would think of summer time as the perfect time for a church fundraising event. They plan for summer time bazaar sales or garage sales, and you canít forget the cookie baking church fund raising events. What about Christmas time, and Easter, and many other topic or seasonal specific times? These times of the year are great times to have fund raiser that will be very targeted and successful.

Church Fund Raising - Pizza for Everyone

If you really want to get your helpers out for the next church fund raising event then you need to feed them and make it fun. The next time you have a church fund raising project you should be ready to re-invest a portion of the catch back to your people. However, you may even be able to save on that too. Before you pull out the check book and buy 10 pizzas you might try getting a donation from a local pizza parlor. You could offer to mention the pizza place in your church bulletin and put up any advertising posters at the event that they may have available. It works out to be a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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