Christian Fundraising

Christian ministry has always resorted to raising funds to carry out the work of God. Since biblical times, fundraising has always been approached, to provide the financial support for various missionary works. However it is advisable to check out the Christian fundraiser before contributing, as several organizations have been unmasked that have been indulging in fraud practices in the name of God. It is important to maintain the greatest transparency possible in case of fundraising.

Christian T-shirts and other such items are used to promote fundraising by several organizations. Selling these items, either through brochures or via direct marketing, helps raise funds. Church sales are also used to bring about fundraising.

Several trends in the Christian community have had a profound effect on Christian fundraising. It has been recorded that the percentage of income given by the Christians has been on a decline with the current percentage in the range of 1.5 % to 3.5 %. There are very few that offer more than 10 % of their incomes. Most of the direct mail appeals are not directed personally but are integrated through clubs, events and other major donors and hence do not cover the entire spectrum.

However, there are certain positive trends that have emerged to boost the fund raising process. Renewed interest by church leaders and pastors to further their study in the field of biblical instructions on finances and charity is one such development. Technology such as email, personal web pages and push technology is being used to inform existing and prospective donors about the projects, missionaries and their concerns.

Electronic donations, including automatic check withdrawals and Internet donations, are convenient methods to support missionaries, churches, and Christian organizations. The Christian Stewardship Association (CSA) is an organization that provides graduate level courses to professionals. There has been an increase in the strength of this organization in the recent years, with many Christians coming up with contributions.

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