Cheerleading Uniforms

Cheerleading uniforms should be made ao that cheerleaders can stretch, slip, slide, and be tossed in the air without any confinement. Movements should look flawless in uniforms that compliment the total look of a cheerleader.

Cheerleading uniforms should also be stylish. Today’s cheerleader wears a variety of attractive outfits. The basic outfit consists of a short shirt and shell top. The tops are perfectly fitted and flatter the cheerleader’s body. Midriffs and boy cut briefs are also part of the latest trend in cheerleading uniforms.

Cheerleading shoes compliment the cheerleading uniform. Ordinary running shoes no longer apply as stunts and movements become more complicated to perform. The shoes must provide ankle support and should be cushioned properly since cheerleaders do a lot of jumping around. The most commonly used colors are black and white.

When purchasing cheerleading uniforms, the uniforms should be just that: similar from one outfit to another, regardless of size. The way the uniforms are cut, tailored, and otherwise designed, will see to it that the cheerleading team is seen as one unit, and not a gaggle of disparate performers. The uniforms should have markings so that when movements are done in sync, there is a dramatic artistic affect that the audience can discern.

And no matter what, always make sure the uniforms are functional. There is nothing worse than having to fuss with a badly-tailored cheerleading uniform right before you have to go on at halftime during the big game or at a competition. Be sure to rehearse and practice while wearing the uniforms, so as to avoid hassles when it comes time to shine.

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